Metlam Antimicrobial Products

The antimicrobial product range offering 'Hygiene for Life'

Our experienced manufacturing and service capabilities, combined with our partnership with Antimicrobial Pty Ltd - Licensed distributor of BioCote® technology, makes the Metlam antimicrobial product range the ideal choice in the market place.

Field tests prove that washroom equipment treated with Antimicrobial coating benefits from up to 99.9% reduction in bacteria on their surface, helping create a cleaner and more hygienic environment. When micro-organisms come into contact with a antimicrobial protected surface their growth is inhibited, reducing microbial populations resulting in a more hygienic product.

Antimicrobial technology is incorporated into Metlam’s washroom accessories and toilet partition hardware products at the time of manufacture, offering constant protection against a wide range of microbes including all bacteria and the H1N1 influenza virus. All of our antimicrobial products are independently certified for antimicrobial efficacy on a regular basis and can boast a rating of 99.9%.

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