Enhancing Safety and Independence: Metlam Australia's Shower Seats designed for Individuals with Limited Mobility


Showering can be difficult and unsafe for people with limited mobility or those living with a disability.  Wet tiles and instability can lead to serious accidents.  Shower seats are a simple solution that can be easily added to a bathroom design, making showering easier and safer.



Metlam Australia Shower Seats offer a range of benefits:

Reduced Falling Risk: Sitting on a shower seat lowers the risk of slipping on wet tiles, especially when reaching tricky areas, reducing the chances of falls.

Comfortable Showering: Showering can be physically uncomfortable, especially for those with reduced strength.  Using a shower seat makes it less strenuous, easing pressure on the lower body.

Improved Independence: Shower seats enable independent showering, boosting confidence and reducing the need for help.  The seated position lowers slipping risks and allows easy access to all body parts.

Enhanced Balance Support: Shower seats provide ongoing comfort and stability, helping you maintain balance effortlessly while seated.  No need to bear weight while standing.

Better Personal Hygiene: Fear of falling can discourage showering, affecting personal hygiene.  Shower seats build confidence, enabling independent showering with a significantly lower risk of slipping.

Reduced Body Strain: Remaining seated ensures all body parts are within reach, minimising the need to overstretch.  This decreases the risk of muscle strains or injuries.

Support for Carers: While promoting independence, shower seats also enhance safety for both individuals and caregivers.  They minimise the risk of falls and strain injuries.

Maintaining independence is crucial.  Shower seats allow those to bathe while seated, reducing the chances of accidents and providing ongoing comfort and stability for confident bathing.

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