Environmental Policy

The management and the staff of Metlam Australia Pty Ltd are committed to the protection of the environment by developing effective solutions to environmental issues that may arise through the company’s affiliate or associated manufacturing processes, its products and its business activities.

Specifically the Metlam Australia team undertakes to :

Comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and guidelines, and where practical, aim to exceed applicable standards.

Whereby possible, use fully recycleble materials in manufacturing and production of our products.

  • Ensure that the potential effects on the environment are an integral part of all business planning and decision making activities in all aspects of our operation.

Promote and practice minimisation of waste through a disciplined review process aimed at the continuing reduction in landfill waste disposal.

Identify, assess and manage opportunities in our operation for the more efficient utilisation of raw materials at point of manufacture and where possible, the use of any suitable recycled raw materials.

Identify, assess and manage the efficient utilisation of water and energy resources in our operation, to the optimum level that commercially viable and proven technology allows.

Monitor the potential environmental hazards associated with our products through their life cycle and seek ways to minimise their ultimate impact on the environment, by pursuing workable reuse and recycle technologies where applicable.

Train and involve all employees in environmental issues and practices to ensure maximum benefit to the organisation and the wider community.

Conduct regular audits to monitor the effectiveness of our environmental actions and communicate results as may be required from time to time.

Provide appropriate funding and resources to implement this policy.

Review this policy on a regular basis.


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