• Do Metlam Australia sell direct to the public/end user?

    Unfortunately no, as a manufacturer we do not sell directly to trade or end users.  Please find the link below to speak to one of our friendly Metlam Australia Customer Service Team members who can put you in touch with a distributor in your area.

    Metlam Australia Contact Details



  • What grade of stainless steel are Metlam Australia products made of?

    All Metlam Australia Stainless steel products are made using the highest quality 304 grade stainless steel.

  • I have a large job that is being specified with Metlam Australia products, am I able to obtain a quote?

    Certainly, send through all of the details to your State/Territory contact or to our Estimating department and we will be able to advise if we are able to offer you pricing.

  • Do Metlam Australia supply the paper and soap for the dispensers?

    Metlam Australia has recently introduced a range of soap and paper towel consumables, perfect for our Soap Dispensers and Paper Towel Dispensers.  

    For more information, please click here.

  • Does your product comply with the AS1428 disability standard?

    When installed correctly as per the supplied installation guides, the Metlam Australia products which are advertised as being accessible compliant do meet the AS1428.1-2009 standard.  

    It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the surface/substrate that the unit is installed upon is suitable to withstand the weight-bearing loads of the unit and if required as per AS1428 / Australian building code regulations.

  • Some of your toilet signs have LH or RH on them, what does this mean? Which one do I need?

    These signs are used for accessible bathrooms and they denote the direction of transfer onto the toilet. The easiest way to decide which sign you need is to imagine you are seated on the toilet in the accessible bathroom in question and take note of which side the grab rail beside you is on. Generally, a right-hand transfer grab rail requires a right-hand sign and vice versa.

    For more information on how to order your signage click on the link here.

  • How do I determine whether I need a Left or Right Hand Hinge?

    Hinge handing is determined by the visibility of the hinge when looking at the door. If you are looking at the door and the hinge is visible on the Right-Hand side, it is a RIGHT-HAND hinge. If you are looking at the door and the hinge is visible on the Left-Hand side, it is a LEFT-HAND hinge.

    For more information click on the link here

  • What is the difference between Ambulant and Accessible facilities?

    Ambulant toilets are specifically designed for those with ambulant disabilities that do not require the extra space that is provided by Accessible toilets. Primarily, they are for those that do not require the use of a wheelchair, for example, those with sensory loss, arthritis or require the use of a walking frame.

    Accessible toilets are specifically designed to provide enough space to accommodate wheelchair access and assistance when transferring from wheelchair to toilet. Accessible toilets include features such as lower mirrors and washbasins, contrasting toilet seat colour, grab rails and braille signage.

    To see the Metlam Australia Range of Ambulant and Accessible Packages please click on the links below.

    Ambulant Toilet Cubicle Package

    Complete Accessible Bathroom Package

    Complete Accessible Toilet Package

  • What is the difference between a Gravity Hinge and Spring Hinge?

    GRAVITY HINGES have no mechanical components and therefore assist the door to move towards Hold Open or Hold Closed Position. Gravity Hinges cannot be adjusted.
    SPRING HINGES include mechanical components that allow for door movement to Hold Open or Hold Closed. Spring Hinges can be adjusted or tensioned to determine the force (this is done on-site by the installer).

  • Why does Metlam Australia need to know board thickness when placing an order for Toilet Partition Hardware?

    To ensure the correct fixings are supplied, Metlam Autralia needs to know the board thickness of the cubicle material (applies for Screw Fix and Bolt Through set up).
    • If no fixings are required, please specify NO FIXINGS when ordering.
    • If board thickness is not specified at the time of ordering Metlam will provide the largest fixings available. Fixings can be cut down on site to suit board thickness required.

  • How many hinges does Metlam Australia recommend per cubicle door?

    Metlam Australia recommends 3 hinges per door to prevent the door bowing.

  • Are Metlam Australia grab rails tested to 1100N force as specified in the standard AS1428.1?

    All Metlam Australia Grab Rails have been tested and evaluated to withstand 1100N force applied in any position or direction as specified in the standard AS1428.1 for the manufacture and design of Grab Rails. When installed correctly, and used in an intended manner our Grab Rails are compliant with AS1428.1.
    Compliance does not cover the installation of Metlam Australia Grab Rails. It is the responsibility of the installer to use adequate fixings, fixing methods and siting in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards

  • I need to select, schedule, or specify Metlam Australia products for a project that I am working on. Is there assistance or advice available?

    Our new MetSpec tool is a valuable resource that will save you time on project schedule development and acts as a useful addendum to project documents to provide for quoting. 

    Simply identify and select the Metlam Australia products/packages that you require for your project by clicking "Add To MetSpec."

    For more information on how to use MetSpec please click on the link here or contact your local State Manager.


  • Why choose Metlam Australia's range of Antimicrobial products?

    Metlam Australia's Antimicrobial Range of Commercial Washroom Accessories and Toilet Partition Hardware is the first choice for a more hygienic washroom. Metlam Australia has partnered with international leader, BIOCOTE® to deliver our Antimicrobial Range which reduces the levels of bacteria, including MRSA AND E. coli on a protected surface by up to 99.9%. Metlam Australia's Antimicrobial Range is the ideal choice for public washrooms, healthcare, nursing homes and school projects and is tested to ISO 22196:2011.

    For more information click here.

  • How long is the Metlam Australia Warranty?

    Metlam Australia Pty Ltd guarantees to all purchasers that each new Metlam Australia product as bought via our distributors/merchants is free from defects in all material and workmanship and is fit for purpose in use and application, upon the following terms, conditions and limitations.

    To download our Warranty Statement click here.

  • How do I clean and maintain my Metlam Australia products?

    Want to ensure that your Metlam Australia Stainless Steel products stay looking as good as new? Stainless Steel products are a popular choice in commercial washrooms and proper upkeep is an essential part of making the most of your investment.  Follow these important steps to ensure that your Metlam Australia Stainless Steel products continue to look as good as the day you ordered them.

    Stainless Steel Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

    Click here to view our Stainless Steel Cleaning and Maintenance Video.

  • Can Metlam Australia do custom/special order products?

    We are able to offer custom-made products on some of our product ranges, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team for more information on 1300 METLAM.

  • What can I do if I need a product for a last minute project?

    Are you out on a job and urgently need a product to complete your work?  Metlam Australia has developed the Met-Collect Program.  It's easy to use and hassle-free.  Place your order by 10 am for same-day pickup.  Metlam Australia has collection points in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.  For more information speak to our friendly Customer Service Team on 1300 METLAM.   You can view the products available in the Met-Collect Essential Range by clicking on the link here.

    For more information click on the link here.


  • How do I determine whether I need a Left-Hand or Right-Hand Grab Rail?

    When seated on the toilet, your Metlam Australia Grab Rail will be on the wall closest.  So in the example below, the wall is on the right hand side when seated on the toilet, therefore you will need a Right-Hand Grab Rail.

  • Won't stainless steel rust if installed in a coastal/aquatic environment?

    Your selection of stainless steel items should always be fit for purpose.  The higher the grade of stainless steel will offer improved protection However, all stainless steel will ‘tea-stain’ over time without adequate maintenance. It is recommended to maintain stainless steel items more regularly in high salinity / aquatic environments Please refer to the Metlam Australia Stainless Steel Cleaning & Maintenance Guide here.


  • How do I choose a shower curtain to suit a shower curtain track?

    A few factors are involved when determining the correct shower curtain size for your installation.


    1. Track Length: Measure the track length of where the shower curtain will hang. Example:1200mm + 1200mm= 2400mm (L-Shaped Track).

    2. Desired Curtain Gather: Decide how much gather you would like the curtain to have; this is often a personal preference.  Metlam Australia provides a standard curtain gather allowance as an example.

    Once you have these measurements, you can calculate the total width of the shower curtain.

    Please see the example below:

    Total Width = Track Length x Curtain Gather

    Example:  2400mm (track length) x 1.25 (curtain gather allowance) = 3000mm (total width of curtain required)


    Drop Length of Curtain: What height is the track installed? Measure from the bottom of the shower track to the Finished Floor Level.
    Please keep in mind, to allow approximately 50mm clearance from the floor to the bottom of the curtain (this ensures the curtain is not dragging on the floor creating a hazard).

    Please remember to double-check your measurements and consider any variations based on the type of track or curtain you are using.

    When ordering your required shower curtain, you'll need measurements of the total width and drop length of the shower curtain.

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