How commercial bathrooms are evolving in 2022

Commercial bathrooms are evolving. These new trends incorporate functionality, style and fixtures that are contemporary, hygienic and eco-friendly. For commercial bathroom designs, this means a growth in market size.  Architects and designers will be designing millions of new spaces in 2022.  Many commercial facilities will begin to emerge with advanced designs and technologies.  We take a look at a few principles that could come out on top post Covid-19. 

Covid-19 has made a significant impact on the perception, functionality and design of commercial bathrooms.  While cleanliness has always been a goal in designing bathrooms, Coronavirus has increased the need and expectation to create a more hygienic and safe environment, this means a redesign for all things involving sanitation.  The most significant commercial bathroom designs in 2022 will need to consider the following, people want a touchless experience, people want to feel comfortable in large gatherings, and people want a stress-free environment.

Commercial bathroom designs evolve as specific needs become predominant or less essential than others.  There will be some shifts both aesthetically and functionally within these spaces.  Here are some evolving trends:

Black accents - The black bathroom trend came onto the scene a few years ago now and though some fads come and go just as quickly, this one has been shown to have staying power.  If wanting to add a bit of luxe to your bathroom design then black is certainly the way to go.  

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Hands-free appliances -  People are becoming more and more conscious of the number of germs and bacteria that exist in public, so they’re constantly avoiding touching products.  Incorporating hands-free appliances that are powered by motion sensors rather than levers or knobs will allow people to wash their hands without having to touch surfaces that others have touched.  Products like automated soap dispensers, faucets, hand dryers etc are more user-friendly and one of the current trends in commercial restroom design. They also reduce the amount of product that could end up on the floor or countertops.

Green, Clean and Sustainable Fittings - More and more companies are considering the carbon footprint they’re leaving and choosing sustainable products that are less harmful to the environment and better for the people in the facility.  Sustainable materials should be considered over synthetic ones if possible due to their ability to reduce waste significantly. 

Ventilation - It is essential to consider the ventilation system within the washroom environment. Having a robust ventilation system will assist in controlling bathroom scents. The ventilation should also reduce moisture in the air. This is mainly because moisture stimulates the growth of odour-causing bacteria, which not only creates an unpleasant experience but can also provide ideal conditions for bacterial growth and the spread of germs and diseases.


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