How to Choose and Specify a Metlam Australia Toilet Partition Hardware Kit

Metlam Australia Toilet Partition Hardware can be used in a variety of settings including Toilet Partitions, Shower Partitions, Change Rooms, Accessible Toilets, and more.

Metlam Australia Toilet Partition Hardware is manufactured as individual components which are then assembled into a Partition Kit to meet the requirements of each order. When selecting the right kit for your requirements Metlam Australia would suggest, that you first assess the requirements of the partitions as per the design of the bathroom, this can include,

  • Is the bathroom an Accessible Bathroom or a standard bathroom?
  • Does the bathroom include an ambulant cubicle?
  • What thickness and type of material and door weights are being used?
  • Check if the doors are inward or outward swinging doors.

Once you have collated the information about your design requirements you can then choose the appropriate Metlam Australia Hardware for your project.  We suggest that you commence with a style. Metlam Australia offers two styles of Toilet Partition Hardware, 304-grade stainless steel or ZP3 plated zinc alloy.  Metlam Australia Stainless steel hardware is available in two finishes an Industrial Finish or the Satin Stainless Finish.  Our ZP3 Zinc Alloy Hardware is available in 3 different finishes including Satin Chrome Plate, Designer Black and Antimicrobial.

Choosing a Finish -

Once you have chosen your style and finish you can then build your kits as per the available hardware in that range and your project requirements.  Metlam Australia Partition Hardware Kits are generally assembled to contain the following components;

  • Lock & Indicator Set
  • Hinges
  • Hat & Coat Hook
  • Door Bumper
  • Fixings

We suggest you start with Hinges.  Metlam Australia offers 2 styles of Partition Hinges.  The Surface Mount Gravity Assisted Hinge and the Surface Mount Adjustable Lift off Spring Hinge.  The Metlam Australia Surface Mount Gravity-Assisted Hinges are available in 4 different styles;

  • Left-Hand assist Hold Open
  • Left-Hand assist Hold Closed
  • Right-Hand assist Hold Open
  • Right-Hand assist Hold Closed

The difference between the two hinges is the closing functionality.  Gravity Assisted Lift-Off Hinges, use gravity and momentum to assist the door to move to the desired open or closed position, as there is no mechanism built into the hinge this range of movement is influenced by the momentum generated by the user and the partition design. The Surface Mount Adjustable Spring Hinge includes mechanical components that allow for door movement to Hold Open or Hold Closed.  Spring Hinges can be adjusted or tensioned to determine the force (this is done on-site by the installer).

Mounting -

Screw Fix or Bolt Through

When deciding on the appropriate mounting system, it's important to consider the environment.  A bolt-through mounting is more suitable for environments where a more robust setup is required.  

Board Thickness - 

To ensure the correct fixings are supplied, please specify the board thickness (applies for Screw Fix and Bolt Through set up).  If no fixings are required, please specify NO FIXINGS when ordering.

If board thickness is not specified at the time of ordering Metlam Australia will provide the largest fixings available.  Fixings can be cut down on-site to suit the board thickness required.

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