Useful Tips for Specifying and Ordering Metlam Australia Toilet Partition Hardware

Are you specifying or ordering Metlam Australia Toilet Partition Hardware? If so, have a quick read of this article as we list some useful tips to assist you in ensuring you have all the right components for your specific project requirements.

Please specify the quantity of hinges you require. Metlam supplies hinges as individuals (each).
NOTE: Metlam recommends 3 hinges per door to prevent the door bowing.

Left Hand or Right Hand Hinge handing is determined by the visibility of the hinge when looking at the door. If you are looking at the door and the hinge is visible on the Right Hand side, it is a RIGHT HAND hinge. If you are looking at the door and the hinge is visible on the Left Hand side, it is a LEFT HAND hinge. See diagram below.


Please specify if the hinges are to be Hold Open (Assists door to move towards Hold Open position) or Hold Closed (Assists door to move towards Hold Closed position).

have no mechanical components and therefore assist the door to move towards the Hold Open or Hold Closed Position. Gravity Hinges cannot be adjusted. 
SPRING HINGES include mechanical components that allow for door movement to Hold Open or Hold Closed. Spring Hinges can be adjusted or tensioned to determine the force (this is done on site by the installer).

To ensure the correct fixings are supplied, please specify the board thickness (applies to both Screw Fix and Bolt Through set up). If no fixings are required, please specify 'NO FIXINGS' when ordering. If board thickness is not specified at the time of ordering, Metlam will provide the largest fixings available. Fixings can be cut down on site to suit board thickness required.

Please specify mounting type. Our website states what mounting types are available for each product. Generally a 'Bolt Through' set up is used on a system needing a more robust hardware installation to avoid theft and damage. 

Please specify which finish you would like. Our website states what finishes are available for each product. Note: not all Toilet Partition Hardware is available in all finish types, so please check carefully that the product you have selected is available in the finish type that you desire. Finish options include:
SCP – Satin Chrome Plate
DESIGNER – Designer Black
ANMB – Antimicrobial Coated
BCP – Bright Chrome Plate
SPP – Satin Pearl Plate
SNP – Satin Nickel Plate
SS- Stainless Steel

View our Finishes Flyer

METLAM AUSTRALIA TOILET PARTITION HARDWARE KITS: Metlam’s Toilet Partition Hardware can be purchased in a complete set or “kit”, inclusive of the components required for use to install one partition. Each Kit Contains:
• 1 x Lock and Indicator Set
• 1 x Set of Hinges (kits can include 2 hinges or 3 hinges per pack)
• 1 x Hat and Coat Hook
• 1 x Door Bumper
• 1 x Staple (optional)
*Please note Kit pricing will vary depending on components selected. The components for your kit should be selected from our various Toilet Partition Hardware Product Categories.

Metlam Australia also has a range of 'Ready to Go' pre packaged Toilet Partiton Hardware Kits to take the guesswork out of ordering. View the range

For further information about Metlam Australia's Toilet Parition Hardware Range, please contact our Head Office or your local Metlam Australia Contact.

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