A formidable history

Metlam Australia is proud to be an Australian owned and managed company. Formed in the mid 1990’s, it has been a progressive evolution culminating in what is today’s Metlam Australia.


The basis for establishing Metlam Australia Pty Ltd, was to design, manufacture and supply a contemporary, quality, affordable and readily available range of toilet and shower partition hardware using our manufacturing expertise.

The addition of our commercial washroom product range saw a substantial commitment on Metlam Australia's part in the development design and manufacturing of quality commercial washroom products that are now readily available, and widely utilised, in the Commercial Construction sector throughout Australasia and globally in such diverse markets as the UK, Middle East and Asia.


Many of our products are now Design Registered or have Patent or Innovation Patent protection. This ingenuity is in direct recognition of our design initiatives, and that Metlam Australia truly is, at the forefront in providing tomorrow’s needs today in the Commercial Washroom Accessory market.

All Metlam Australia products are manufactured to our exacting specifications and we have a strict quality control process. We only use the highest grade raw materials relevant to their categories such as #304 stainless steel, zinc die-cast alloys sourced from Australia and nylon from Europe with proven ductility and toughness for our hinge inserts, and where applicable, electroplated or powder-coated product finished to ISO Standards.

Certain projects may require unique or alternate product specifications or finishes that are not shown in either our Architectural Binder or on our Website. Metlam Australia's extensive design and manufacturing expertise provide our customers with the resources to produce these types of components on an OEM basis, at the right price and at the best quality.

From individual washroom accessory components to a complete washroom fit-out program, Metlam Australia can provide a cost-effective, contemporary designed and functional, quality product offering that will stand the test of time.

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Proudly Australian and celebrating over 20 years in the market