Introducing the New Sentinel Toilet Partition Hardware Range

Where high performance is paramount, the new Sentinel Toilet Partition Hardware Range by Metlam Australia is the ultimate heavy-duty hardware solution. Featuring an Authentic Industrial Stainless Steel finish, it is an excellent choice for commercial washroom cubicle projects where a robust material is of the utmost importance. For your next high traffic use commercial washroom project, think of the new Sentinel Toilet Partition Hardware Range by Metlam Australia. 

 Introducing the next generation of Toilet Partition Hardware featuring the Sentinel Lock & Indicator Set

Key Features:

Sentinel Lock and Indicator Set:
- Using precision moulded cast #304 Stainless Steel
- Innovative new lock mechanism supports the hold-open/ hold-closed position
- Turn snib design makes it fully compliant with AS1428.1 for ambulant cubicle specifications

Sentinel Gravity Hinge:
- Concealed fix Gravity Hinge
- #304 Stainless Steel
- Nylon Inserts
- Stainless Steel Snap-on Covers

Sentinel Hook:
Coat Hook with integrated bumper
- #304 Stainless Steel

Sentinel Door Bumper:
- #304 Stainless Steel
- Rubber Insert

Metlam Australia Sentinel TPH Range Sample Board









Sample Board shown above includes Sentinel Lock and Indicator Set, Sentinel Hook, Sentinel Bumper and Sentinel Gravity Hinge

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