• New Antimicrobial Protected Products

    Metlam Antimicrobial

    Providing a reduction of up to 99.9% in bacteria on product surfaces, Metlam Antimicrobial products are the ideal choice.

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  • Eco dryer, paper towel and waste receptacle

    Eco 3 in 1 unit

    A faster, more efficient dryer means reduced paper usage with less frequent replenishment and bin emptying

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  • New Login Area for Metlam Distributors Active

    Distributor Back Office

    As a part of the ongoing expansion and improvement of www.metlam.com we now have available to all of our distributors a login area which will grant access to a back office.

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  • Slimline Series Hand Dryers

    Sleek & Powerful

    Metlam’s contemporary design Slimline Series Hand Dryers have been specifically developed and constructed to meet the needs of today’s modern styled commercial washrooms.

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  • Metlam’s high finish bathroom series

    Feel & Finish

    Metlam’s high finish bathroom series mirror the surrounds to make the ideal fit out in way of modern looks, feel and appeal.

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Welcome to Metlam Australia

Metlam is a proud wholly Australian owned and managed company specialising in the manufacture of quality washroom accessories and toilet partition hardware for the commercial, residential, hospitality, health, science, care, education, security and public facilities markets.

Quality Control
Utilising precise manufacturing processes and strict Quality Control systems, Metlam products are manufactured to exacting specifications from our direct manufacturing facilities and partnered contract suppliers.

Product Development
Foresight and innovations to meet the ever changing needs of a demanding industry, from both here and abroad, has led to the development of a contemporary styled range of functional products.

Our design initiatives have led products which are Design Registered or have Patent or Innovation Patent protection ...more about Metlam

Metlam Antimicrobial Product Range

Metlam Services

At Metlam we strive to offer an all inclusive service for our customers, including
- Specification Service
- Estimating Service
- Aftersales Servicing
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News & Media

New Revit Content

Metlam Revit Stage 2 complete ...read more

Metlam Service and Support

At Metlam we strive to offer an all inclusive service for our customers, from specification right through to after sales servicing. ...read more

New Product Releases

At Metlam Australia we pride ourselves on having an extensive and always evolving product range to suit the market and our customers changing needs. As such we are pleased to have released a number of new products to our range in recent months ...read more